Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Ever since Brigette Bardot started stepping out in animal prints in the late 1950s the fashion world has been obsessed. It’s one of those trends, like the little black dress, that is never out of fashion. Some seasons jungle fever is huge, think head to toe leopard at Yves Saint Laurent, and other years it may be just a touch, but it is always on point. And a lot of fun! Simply, every wardrobe needs a touch of animal print and a chic accessory in faux animal print or fur will be a forever piece in your wardrobe. Welcome to the jungle ….


Molly Round Clutch - $69.99 Nicky Mock Croc Clutch - $59.99 Grace Mock Croc Tote - $99.99


Charlotte Clutch - $44.99 Catalina Rectangle Hoop - $12.99 Reese Hoop Drop - $24.99


Kiki Oversized Purse - $59.99 Brianna Faux Fur Clutch - $59.99 Victoria Round Clutch - $99.99


Naomi Mesh Clutch - $59.99 Bianca Mesh Purse - $29.99 Debra Geometric Midi Necklace - $29.99


Posy Python Stud - $12.99 Tara Slim Purse - $49.99 Posy Python Stud - $12.99