The Scarf : 6 Ways

The Scarf : 6 Ways

A scarf is a little item that has big potential, plus it’s an accessory you can change up daily with a fun new print. You just need to get creative … here’s six ways how.


This is an easy one to style. Tie your scarf around your ponytail, wear bandana style like Cara or tie a dramatic bow.


Whoever your inspo may be – Rihanna, Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly– the full headscarf, or bandana, never goes out of style. It’s also an easy way to cover a bad hair day! Choose an oversized square scarf in a chic print, fold it diagonally in half, and tie it over your hair tucking the centre corner inside or tie it simply at your neck.


To get this look, fold the scarf into a thin strip, and tie it around your neck to the side or in a pussy-bow style. It’s a versatile look so wear with a dress, open shirt or a simple tee.


There are several ways to style your bag with a scarf. Tie it nonchalantly around the handle and let it blow in the wind. Or wind it around the handle to dress up a classic bag. Or even fold it over into a triangle and knot it cowboy style.


And the versatility continues. Why not use your scarf as a belt or add colour and detail to a favourite pair of jeans? Just fold and roll so it doesn’t fall apart. If you want to ensure you don't come unravelled pin the ends in place to secure.


Tying a scarf around your wrist is an easy way to add colour and interest to your outfit. Simply fold your scarf diagonally, fold or roll into a long strip then wrap twice around your wrist and tie in a knot.

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