Fashion Sunglasses

Throw out those “how to choose a pair of sunglasses” rules you read somewhere online (“If you have a diamond-shaped face you should only wear...”) and have a bit of fun making your next sunglass purchase. At The Way Online Fashion Boutique we have fashion frames, classic frames, all black frames, coloured frames, aviator frames … and the list goes on. Taking inspiration from the festival set at The Way we are loving metal, round, oversized and Kendall Jenner-style mirrored frames. Then layer and layer with necklaces, rings and bracelets for that that full festival look. Don’t forget your crossbody or belt bag ! Sunglasses are such an easy way to update your look each season. And as the sun always shines bright in this country you can wear a new pair every day.

Whether the fashion is on the field, the runway, your local shops or simply chilling at the beach, The Way has a pair of fashion sunglasses for every occasion in a style to suit all tastes.